Stewart 6590008 2 pint CE-marked capacity serving jug

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6590008 2 pint CE-marked capacity serving jug

2 pint CE-marked capacity serving jug, 115 x 185mm, 1200ml
Pack of 4
£26.20 (£31.44)

Styrene acrylonitrile serving jugs suitable for beer. Dishwasher safe and shatterproof.

CE Roundel

Stewarts are no longer producing these with the Government stamp. Previously the local weights & Measures inspector stood over the production line to see them being made. Now, under EU rules, Stewarts have been declared authorised to make them without supervision according to EU Directive 2004/22/EC. The jugs are therefore marked with either the 2 or 4 pint capacity line and a CE mark is added underneath the jugs. The EU directive does not allow for the old Crown stamp to be included as it covers all EU member states many of whom do not have a Crown). Users will be sent a Declaration of Conformity certificate by us, or you can print from this website. You should then show the Declaration of Conformity to your local weights & measures department. The Declaration makes a reference to Oval House. This is the old traditional name for Stewart House.

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