Stewart 1604001 White Storage Jar

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1604001 White Storage Jar

White Storage Jar, 85 x 100mm (external), 370ml, 1 pk left in stock at this offer price
Pack of 12
£3.75 (£4.50)

The extra high clarity adds to the quality feel of this range. Each size available in a choice of 3 coloured lids. Suitable for worktop, storage and food on the move. Lid styled for easier opening and resealing. Made from high quality food grade material. Dishwasher (110 degree C), microwave (110 degree C) and freezer safe (-40 degree C).

Material: lids - Metallocene Random Copolymer Polypropylene, bases - a new clearer version of same Metallocene Random Copolymer Polypropylene.

Internal Maximum Dimensions (Dia x H): 75 x 95mm

Internal Minimum Dimensions (Dia x H): 65 x 95mm

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